What is Contondo?

Contondo sales enablement automation tools helps onboard, measure and improve the ROI of sales enablement tools as they are used in the sales process.


  1. Analyzes available collateral and CRM leads and opportunities and matches between content and deals – automatically.
  2. Calculates which deals have sufficient backing of sales enablement content – and which deals are being sold without ample help. Furthermore, Contondo helps prioritize closing the latter “gaps” by ranking them based on the total value of the pipeline that would be helped by creating such content.
  3. Uses APIs (or optional plugin) to push the most relevant collateral to the sales reps – in real time.
  4. Encourages sales reps to use relevant collateral with their opportunities by supporting third party sales-enablement tools (such as content tracking in emails, one-click webinar created around content, etc.)  that help sales reps become more efficient.

Contondo Advantages

While customers feel they need Sales Enablement, many are hesitant about how to measure its ROI (or even effectiveness). This concern is exacerbated by the need to invest significant customer resources for onboarding and maintenance.

As examples, numerous sales enablement tools require that sales and marketing change their workflows as part of their onboarding process. Some tools also require that collateral be moved to a specific server or cloud solution. Lastly, typical salespeople do not want to learn yet a new system.

Contondo’s unique technology uses advanced textual analysis to match opportunities with the most appropriate collateral without requiring any workflow changes. Onboarding, instead of requiring weeks of preparation, end in less than a day (typically 2 hours). It works within the standard CRM pages (like opportunities and leads) so salespeople do not need to learn a new system.

Contondo advantages include:

Contondo Automatically Correlates Sales Tools to Opportunities

Contondo automatically provides sales people with the sales tools that they need to drive the deal forward - without searching!

Contondo’s data-science engine analyzes each opportunity and each sales tool and determines the relevancy between each opportunity and applicable sales tools.

Contondo Predictively Identifies Evolving Needs in Sales Tool Availability

By continuously keeping track of the CRM pipeline Contondo identifies that new tools are needed long before the need escalates into a last minute, resource draining, hustle.

Contondo Calculates the Pipeline Value Associated with Sales Reps Needs

By grouping opportunities that are lacking in sales tools and calculating the overall value of these opportunities, Contondo can help product marketers prioritize and justify tool development based on projected revenue.

Deployment Services Gurantee Effectiveness in 1 Week or Less

Contondo onboarding services (deployment and training) guarantee the delivery of useful data within a few hours after installation.

Contondo easily connects with your existing systems (CRM, content management, etc.) and transparently analyzes sales tools and opportunities for relevancy.

Easy to use reports expose gaps in sales tools availability and guide the product manager through prioritizing and addressing these gaps.

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